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Affordable Cataract Surgery with our partners in “Brno” Czech Republic.

Affordable Cataract Surgery Treatment
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Affordable Cataract Surgery Treatment. Why choose us?

We have more than 20 years in taking patients to the Czech for various cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures.

As seen on BBC and Anglia TV, as well as numerous national newspapers and magazines. We are an Anglo/Czech couple. We trust our Czech surgeon absolutely- 110% Refer to our website Where you can also learn a bit about Libby our founder back in 1996

Borne out from 20 years experience with Czech surgeons and zero complications. Our aim is to deliver Affordable Cataract Surgery Treatment to the masses.

Cataract surgery

cataract surgery

A brand new worldview 

Although finding out that you have a cataract may be annoying, there is no cause for concern. Modern medicine is able to solve cataracts very easily – a few minutes of surgery, after which you may see better than young.

if you decide to make the most of all possibilities, you can eliminate dioptria or astigmatism in addition to turbidity. 

How will cataract surgery improve your life? A Lot!

  • you can see better the next day
  • you will maintain independence and independence from helping others to old age
  • your physical condition will improve,
  • you will be more confident when moving
  • better vision helps to avoid injuries
  • you will live again
  • You will reduce the risk of old-age dementia, hypertension, diabetes and many other diseases
  • you will sleep better

The operation at our clinic is …

  • fast
  • environmentally friendly
  • painless
  • professional
  • using the latest medical procedures, methods, and materials
  • Delivered with a smile

See more on what we were doing in Prague since 1996. Read here