Cataract Surgery Cost Comparison

Having extensively compared prices across the UK as an average you can expect to pay £3600 Per Eye.

ClinicConsultationCataract/RLEMonofocal Lens (Per Eye)Cataract/RLE Trifocal Lens (Per Eye)
Optical ExpressFreeFrom £1,995From £3,195
Center For Sight *£295£3,195 – £3,995£4,100 – £4,500
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There are many other variant procedures depending on age and condition. Our consultant can advise you on this. We don’t want to load you up with too many variant options.

On average, in the U.K. you can expect to pay around £3000.00 per eye. Some high street clinics, for example, Optical Express, are certainly cheaper than say: a hospital such as- Moorfields Private.