How does the service work?

Cataracts Removal Big Question for you first!

When considering Cataracts Removal surgery. How do I know before arrival, whether or not I will be a suitable candidate for the procedure?

Before a patient (especially from abroad) comes to our clinic we ask him/her to fill in a questionnaire – Click here for the page link.-Copy and paste.

Also, we encourage patients to send us as much info on their eyes as possible (medical reports, etc.). Our doctors examine this and if there is any explicit contraindication, and it cant be done we will not waste your time and money. We will be frank and decline to invite you to our clinic if its a no-go.

But if everything seems OK, then we are happy to welcome you the patient to our clinic.

How do we go about things?

For us, this is quite simple to describe and explain. Indeed, we have more than 20 years experience in related services to back this up. See our sister website here to learn more about our history. Featured in national press and BBC as well as Anglia TV.

We have replicated the same service levels and the venue offered:- the Czech Republic, for this new venture.

Since 1996- From ‘day one’ we have always worked as follows: Providing a full “hand-holding” service.

This meant coordinating all pre-op setting up with the clinic. Then flying out to Czech Republic (One Hour 40-minute flight) with the patient, and remaining with them throughout their entire trip.

This included typically: accompanied pre-op visits, on the day of surgery, post-op, including clinic, follow up’s. Just popping in with an English newspaper or whatever they needed.

Many patients said it was reassuring to have us with them throughout. Thus ensuring everything was clear. We are both fluent in Czech.

Having said that, we never needed to translate as the staff all spoke fluent English.

We did, however, help make it into a bit of a holiday too for them. Often accompanying them around the city, showing them where to eat and shop. Many actually admitted that without us accompanying them they would not have entertained the trip.

But after the recession of 2008 many patients could not afford the luxury of us accompanying them. So, we found ourselves preparing very precise instructions on what and what no to do and allowing them to travel alone. This worked out more or less OK, but to be honest, we much preferred to be with them all the way.

Since 2015 we have completely retired from this industry but still, offer free advice.

With this new service

We have once again turned to our trusted Medical professionals in the Czech Republic-they never let us or our patients-down.

Since now both being into our 70s, we have found more empathy towards others of the same generation. Moreover, appalled at the tragic stories in the media of people being denied treatment for cataracts.

Or having to wait for ages (years in some cases) before receiving this vital treatment. Read here an article which appeared in the Guardian on this very issue. The title is: “NHS England restricts patients’ access to cataract removal.”

To think many of our elderly are living in a partially blind state and in many cases- alone.

The potential consequences of clouded vision do not need to be spelt out. We read of tragic cases often covered in national media. To us the thought of spending each and every day in a virtual vision cloud is appalling. Of course, nothing compared to what a blind person has to put up with.

What we offer is to provide you with free support and advice service. What we can do is deliver the same if not superior treatment, at a much lower cost, and without delay. See costs here

We do have a strong preference for the full “hand-holding “route. That way we can be with you throughout. Looking after you, and keeping you amused (we hope)

But logically it’s going to be more expensive. We will produce a two-tier price structure. 1. Basic no-frills, 2. Full hand-holding. Of course, many of you would naturally prefer a relative coming with you. No problem!

We will be flexible and try to accommodate all preferences. It occurred to us that some of you might prefer to travel by coach. We can do that +Hand holding.

Lastly, we know from 20 years of taking patients successfully to Prague (not one complication) there are many doubters! HERE ARE SOME TYPICAL QUESTIONS.

  1. Can I have a consultation in the UK before I go? Actually, there is no need. You are already aware of the problem-cataracts. We ask you in advance for a lot of details about your situation.

To bring the surgeon across to the UK first would massively push up the cost, and achieve very little.

  1. What about if anything goes wrong being all that way away?

It’s actually only 700 miles and 1 hour 40 flight. How long would it take to get to a London clinic? Moreover, the cost of parking in London would probably exceed the cost of your entire flight.

  1. Risks

For this particular procedure, it is virtually zero wherever you go. But any complications can be dealt with.

  1. Can I reclaim cost from the government? Before Brexit under EU cross border reciprocation-yes? But now, unfortunately you cannot!

For more information please drop us an email.